"Dream Life to Real Life?"

Too good to be true? Not at all.

About 7 Magic Energy Experiments

Your dream life doesn’t have to remain a dream. You can achieve it all by doing little life experiments that will give you a taste of the Universe’s magic.

Experience magical synchronicities that bring you closer to success or manifest your ‘twin flame’ and create a meaningful relationship as you fall in love with them.

All it takes is these 7 Magic Energy Experiments, through these experiments and audios, you will have the life you have been dreaming about. All your desires turning into reality!

You can feel the magic as soon as a day and receive abundance and big results in just 21 days.


The “Secret” promised us all an untold way to manifest.

But then… they didn’t reveal any actual secrets!

Instead, we were fed a watered-down version of the truth!

The thing is, there IS a secret that’s been banned, forbidden, and outlawed from the masses.

In fact, there are SEVEN secrets that describe step-by-step instructions to manifest breakthroughs in your relationships, career, and finances!

All passed down from the Alchemical Masters that came before us, like Sir Isaac Newton.

These secrets have been suppressed for over a thousand years…

But enjoyed amongst the top 0.001% most powerful and influential.

That is, until now!

This program reveals all SEVEN Alchemical Laws of the Universe and their corresponding experiments…

To help YOU finally manifest your heart’s desires.

And… to make sure your subconscious mind allows these energetic shifts to manifest within you and around you…

They’re accompanied by neuroscientific audios.

Meaning your ability to become a co-creator with the Universe is actually made possible!

I understand if you’re skeptical because I was too!

That’s why I’ve made sure that your investment in yourself today is 100% risk-free.


Well, because I want you to have enough time to witness the magic that will enter your life…

By giving you 60-days to decide if it’s right for you!

And, if at any point during that 2-month period, you decide it’s not for you…

Simply email me at support@7magicexperiments.com so I can refund you every single penny.

No questions asked.

See, I want to make sure you have the time you need to make sure this is right for you.

And, since this program will take you 21days to complete…

60-days is more than enough time for you to see if anything magical has happened.

Making sure you’re satisfied and at peace is of utmost importance to me!

Every person’s situation is different.

But, as long as you follow every experiment exactly how I outline…

And remove subconscious blocks using the accompanying audios…

Then you will see manifestations occur in your life within 21 days!

During the Level 1 experiments, your manifestations will start off small.

As you build more confidence in your magical manifestation abilities…

By Level 2, you’ll notice BIG changes take shape in your life.

I can’t wait to see what new life you go on to create for yourself….

And my only wish now is that you learn the REAL secrets of the Universe before it’s too late!

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